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Discover and nurture your authentic self with leadership programs, coaching, peer circles, workshops and events designed specifically for female executives, managers and entrepreneurs.

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Women’s Development Boutique is a gathering place for female executives and entrepreneurs. Our programs are designed to help you connect your mind, body and soul to lead from your authentic self. We take a holistic approach to development, carefully combining the insights of modern science with the traditional wisdom of mindfulness, yoga, ayurveda and family constellations.

Our boutique approach means that we hand-select our topics, methodologies and instructors to offer you the best possible experience. We give you the guidance to reflect on what you’re dealing with, find the answers that are already inside you, and then share practical tools and next steps to help you become who you were meant to be -- personally and professionally.

Founded by Annemarie Renes van Asselen

Women’s Development Boutique was created by Annemarie Renes van Asselen - that’s me. I am a coach, trainer and advisor, with 15 years’ experience working in executive-level functions at major brands like Google and Heineken. But more than anything, I am a bridge builder and a guide in transformation processes.

I believe that diversity and inclusion are not just about men and women being equal; it is more about the masculine and feminine energy found in all of us. We live in a society that has placed more value on masculine energy, while feminine energy has been suppressed. But it is time for that to change. Today’s complex challenges require a smarter approach to leadership. Women have an opportunity and responsibility to lead this much-needed change, together with men, by embracing and using our feminine energy more consciously.

The way to achieve that is becoming our authentic selves. If we can all learn to act from a place of authenticity, together we can create an orchestra that is completely in tune with each other, and in an effortless flow, plays the most beautiful symphonies.


But what does it mean to become your authentic self? How can you embrace your feminine energy? How can you find your inner strength? And how can you act from it, even if you face resistance?

To answer all these questions and more, I started Women’s Development Boutique on June 6th, 2016. I wanted it to be a gathering place for female executives, managers and entrepreneurs with the same questions and needs as I had. I wanted to create a place where women could find safety, inspiration, guidance and support to help them become who they truly are.


Every day, I’m reminded why I initially decided to focus on women: it’s because something special happens when we come together. When we’re working together to become our authentic selves, we can more quickly and successfully connect with and amplify the feminine energy that’s within. And as a result, we build stronger relationships with ourselves and everyone around us – including men.

Since leaving the corporate world, I’ve become a certified coach, yoga teacher, and guide for family and organizational constellations. Together with a network of experienced professionals who bring different insights and areas of expertise, the Boutique has become everything I had envisioned, offering a very inspiring and effective leadership program, coaching, peer circles, masterclasses and events to help support and nourish women on their journey to find their authentic selves.

I’m so grateful to all the women (and men) who have trusted me to guide their process. I am grateful to my teachers. I’m grateful to my collaborators for our shared perspective on leadership and transformation. And I’m especially grateful to my husband Menno and our two children, Ian and Lucía for being my biggest supporters and giving me a place to call home.

Use our approach to support ALL of your organization’s leaders

The programs at Women’s Development Boutique were created specifically for women. But the basic principles offer valuable benefits for people of all genders! That’s why we recently launched the Center for Inclusive Leadership.

Our latest venture supports a wider range of people who want more fulfilling careers and lives, and gives organizations the ability to develop a more effective, inclusive business culture. Want to know more about what we can do for you?

Visit the Center for Inclusive Leadership website

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