An evening full of energy and inspiration

Join an intimate gathering of our community members and their invited guests to make new connections, get inspired and share meaningful stories.

Discover the power of sharing

Organized a couple times a year, Boutique Events are the place for the Women’s Development Boutique community to (re)connect, reflect, learn from each other, and then go home filled with energy and new ideas.

Each Boutique Event follows a similar format, focusing on a special theme with an inspiring guest speaker. We start with a casual dinner, and then break off into small groups to share our thoughts on the theme. Next, our special guest will share their story. Finally, with guidance from Annemarie, we’ll take time to reflect on how this story connects to our personal experience. The events are hosted by one of our community members, so we meet at a different, unique location every time.

To keep things intimate and foster meaningful conversations, each Boutique Event is limited to 40 or fewer participants. Most of the attendees are members of the WDB community (meaning current and former participants of our programs, peer circles and masterclasses). But we also save a few spots for guests. So if you have a friend or colleague who you think is a perfect match, please invite them to join us!

Why should you attend our Boutique Events?

events are the perfect way to reinforce your connections with other members of the WDB community, or, if you are a new guest, get a first impression of what we’re all about. Best of all, it’s a moment to truly be yourself and learn something new in a fun, casual setting. Here are a few more great reasons to attend:



Meet like-minded women from a variety of professional backgrounds. Discover how much we all have in common, and how we can better support each other.



Get inspired by the experiences and stories of our community members and our guest speakers. Get valuable insights on how to get what you need and achieve what you want.



Go home with tons of energy and motivation to start exploring new ways of doing things. Take the next step to becoming who you are and living a more fulfilling life.

Else Herrebout


“Thank you for the very nice evening. I enjoyed it immensely and walked away with an open heart. Great to start the week like this and then be fully charged to blast the week”

Get a taste of past events

Our Boutique Events cover a wide variety of topics related to personal development and leadership, and feature inspiring guest speakers who share their personal stories. Here is brief overview of our past events:

Daar praten wij niet over
Met Miloe van Beek.

Haal je hart op 
Met Taja Koehler.

Make friends across religions
Met Mark Woerde.

Van droom naar werkelijkheid
Met Mary Kok-Willemsen.

Moeder van glas
Met Roos Schlikker.

De kracht van vrouwelijke energie in onderhandelen
Met Maarten van Rossum en Anne de Graaf.

Mijn leven is van mij
Met Emma Westermann en Pia Douwes.

Invited guest

Hugely enriching evening! Very special how such a safe setting was created in such a short time in which everyone could feel lovingly invited to share her story

We’d love to hear from you!

Do you have any questions about our Boutique Events? Or have a great suggestion for a future topic or guest speaker? Get in touch!

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