Expand your self-awareness with in-depth masterclasses

Attend our inspiring masterclasses and workshops to gain new insights, skills and tools to support your personal development and leadership journey.

Zoom in on relevant methods and tools

During these thematic sessions, we will dive deep into specific methods, topics and/or tools connected to leadership and self-awareness. The professional instructors include WDB’s core team, as well as guest trainers who will take us on a journey into their field of expertise.

What can our masterclasses help you achieve?


Increase resilience

As we explore specific topics, you’ll learn more about who you are and what you need, and develop the resilience to act from your authentic self in all situations -- even if you encounter opposition.


Expand your skill set


Find your flow

With increased resilience and the right tools, you’ll experience synchronicity more frequently, increase your creativity, and take a more inclusive, sustainable approach to everything you do.

Lieke Spapens


“On one hand, I was looking for more depth and an inward journey. On the other hand, I also needed concrete leadership tools. At WDB, I found all of that. What made me so enthusiastic were the other participants, the safe and open feeling of the sessions, and the unique atmosphere that you get when you’re surrounded by other women. I now act from a place of connection, and get better results with less effort.”

How do you know if masterclasses are right for you?

Masterclasses are for anyone who is interested in learning more about a specific topic related to self-awareness and leadership, no matter where you are in your personal journey. Here are a few reasons why you might want to join a masterclass:

  • You want to expand and reinforce what you’ve learned in our leadership program or peer circles

  • You want to stay connected with the WDB community

  • You’ve just started your development journey, and want an accessible way to experience what WDB is all about

  • You’re simply curious about one of the topics that our masterclasses cover

We would love to welcome you to one of our masterclasses. Have a look at the upcoming sessions below!

women in leadership 1

Antoinette Oeberius Kapteijn


“At WDB, I meet like-minded souls. It’s a safe environment where I find the depth that I’m looking for, but where there’s also plenty of room for fun, humor and putting things into perspective. I can now be more gentle with myself and others, and am less likely to be judgmental. The guidance and content are top quality, and there’s a great mix of participants of all ages. It’s very inspiring and always feels like coming home.”

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