‘We only regret the chances we didn’t take


In 2019, Women Development Boutique creates 25 exclusive new spots for English speaking female professionals. These women will be be the first to experience a selection of our Development Modules in English.

Dare to make a change. Balance your female and male energy. Take this opportunity to grow. And surround yourself with like minded women.




Do you want to use your talents in a better or different way? Do you want to make a change? Live more conscious? Experience less stress? Or do you want to know what really drives you forward? Then Coaching may help you find answers. Women Development Boutique works with highly experienced and professional coaches. So there’s always one that fits you. During a Personal Intake, we discover which personal questions you have and what your goals are. Our Coaching sessions are completely personalized. So they will totally fit your personal needs.

Invervision Groups


During Intervision, you connect with a group like minded women, to debate about things that are on your mind. Business. And Personal. From moral dilemmas at work, to personal and private questions. And from doubts about career choices, to the need off genuine feedback on your way of dealing with certain subjects. Everything on your mind or in your heart is up for discussion. Because every group is composed with care.

Each group will be accompanied by a trained professional. We listen to each other without judgement. But we share how we feel about the situation. And enrich each other with new insights.


Female and Male Energy


Feeling satisfied and self secured in your working and daily life. Feeling free to do what's truly important. Learn to trust on your intuition. And create resilience to overcome resistance. How do you accomplish that?


By balancing your female and male energy. And connect thinking to feeling.


Our society is dominated by male energy. The facts and results. The female energy, like intuition, often is undervalued. In this two day course you learn how you can recognise, manage and  balance these two energies. So you can take a more powerful position in your life. And the world around you.

Female and male Energy is a two day course. The Fundamentals Module is focussed on awareness.

The Intensive Module brings this to a deeper level.


Please contact us for current dates and times 


Achterbos 28-30


Costs Intervision Module:

1.200,- excl VAT

Costs Program Female and Male Energy:

Fundamentals 1.095 excl. VAT

Intensive 1.095 excl VAT

Costs Coaching Module (5 sessions of 2 hours):

1.950,- excl. VAT