Discover how to lead from a place of inner strength

A nine-month personal leadership program for senior executives, managers and entrepreneurs

Lead from your authentic self

Our intensive boutique leadership program for female executives, managers and entrepreneurs is designed to help you discover your authentic self, and allow it to guide your behavior and communications. In an intimate group with other inspiring women, you’ll have the time and safe environment you need to share the challenges you are facing and discover how to transform them by leading from your authentic self.

By participating in this program, you will:

  • Experience the power and connection of sharing your personal stories, challenges and goals with other ambitious women from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Discover how to look deeper and address not just the symptoms, but also identify and heal the underlying causes.

  • Learn how to combine physical, emotional and mental intelligence, and feminine and masculine energy to find the answers you need.

  • Gain practical insights and tools to deal with your specific situation.

Most importantly, this program will help you see that everything you’ve been searching for is already within you.

What can our leadership program help you achieve?



By making the space to recognize and embrace what’s really going on, you’ll gain more clarity on your needs, responsibilities and boundaries. You’ll discover that there are many more ways to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, resulting in greater inner peace and a new perspective on what’s possible.



Examining what’s bothering you and processing (often old) emotions will enable you to reconnect with the self-confidence you’ve always had and help you rediscover your dreams. You’ll also learn that staying true to yourself can paradoxically help you achieve better results and build stronger relationships.



The welcoming atmosphere and personal stories will help you build deeper connections with yourself and others. As part of the process, you’ll discover what drives you and what is important to you. This new understanding will give you the energy and momentum you need to move forward, as well as a greater sense of satisfaction.

Roos Schlikker


"I’m someone who likes to think, and I can often express my thoughts quite well. But thinking and speaking are different from feeling. That requires you to be brave and feel safe. That’s exactly what Annemarie offers with WDB -- she has the ability to get to the heart of things, while also putting you at ease. And we laugh a lot! I always leave feeling stronger and more fulfilled."

How do you know if a leadership program is right for you?

Leading from the inside out was created especially for female entrepreneurs and senior professionals who are ready to take the next step in their career and lead more fulfilling lives. If any of these questions sound familiar, it might be a perfect match for you!

  • Is there a voice in your head telling you that something needs to change?

  • Do you think you could be getting more out of yourself, your relationships or your work?

  • Do you wonder how you can better balance your responsibilities as a manager/employee/partner/parent? Without forgetting yourself?

  • Do you ever find it hard to get others to contribute to shared goals without being bossy?

  • Curious how to keep your cool and stay open-minded, even when others aren’t cooperating?

  • Do you want to use your position to make a positive impact at your office or on society, but don’t know where to start?


Make an investment in yourself

Over the course of nine months, you’ll spend 12 days with exclusive group of six to eight inspiring women to learn::

  • How your mind works and how to better connect your thoughts and feelings, and use them to your advantage

  • How to you achieve your goals in connection with others (including those who appear to be resistant and/or work against you)

  • How to regain movement in situations that currently appear to be stuck

  • How to share your experiences and learn from each other

In between the scheduled sessions, you’ll have plenty of time to start putting what you’ve learned into practice. You’ll also gain the skills, tools and encouragement to focus on your goals and challenges. Then, when we get together again, we’ll reflect on what we’ve done individually and explore the next steps together.

Sarah Oey


"I had the impression that if I had kept going on like this for two more years, I was headed for a burnout. For me, WDB was like a positive midlife crisis. I’m still juggling tons of responsibilities, but now I’m more conscious of what’s happening, and can put things into perspective. At WDB, I not only received professional coaching and training, I’ve also gained an inspiring network of other women who want to learn and grow."

Does this resonate with you?

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