Discover the power of sharing

Take the next step in your development with a small group of female executives and entrepreneurs during these four-hour sessions, held four times a year.

True connection and personal growth

Peer circles are a perfect way to spark change, without the commitment of the full leadership program. Discover the magic of sharing and reflecting on your experiences and challenges during a series of in-depth supervised sessions.

Over the course of the Peer Circle program, you will join other female managers and entrepreneurs who want to learn, grow and get inspired - both professionally and personally. The sessions are guided by an experienced coach who will teach you the essential attitude and communication skills you need to encourage true connection and personal growth.

Have you completed the Leading from the Inside Out program?
While some participants use Peer Circles as the first step in their development process, they are also a great way to continue learning and growing together after completing the Leading from the Inside Out program.

During this intensive program, you developed a close bond and a shared language that allows you to quickly get to the heart of your challenges. Peer Circles are a natural way to practice and deepen what you’ve already learned with a group of people who you know and trust. By continuing to meet at a fixed pace, you’ll further develop the skills and resilience you need to be your authentic self.

What can our peer circles help you achieve?



By sharing your challenges and feelings, you’ll discover that as humans, we’re more alike than different. This new-found sense of connection with others will also help you strengthen your connection to yourself, igniting new ideas and inspiration that go beyond your rational mind.



Learning about the experiences of others and verbalizing your thoughts and feelings are powerful ways to gain clarity on your personal situation, what you really want and need, and what steps you can take to achieve that. You’ll also get valuable insights from your coach.


Renewed energy & focus

Gathering with like-minded women to have honest conversations will help you find renewed focus and free up more energy - giving you the ability to move forward with a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Lot Frijling


“What’s so valuable about the WDB is that I can share all my experiences and ups and downs as an entrepreneur with others. And it’s such a fun, inspiring and diverse group. It feels like a safe foundation I can always fall back on, and I’m much more confident now. It’s truly a gift to myself.”

How do you know if peer circles are right for you?

Peer circles are a perfect way to start your development journey, or strengthen your skills as a follow-up to our leadership program. Peer circles might be right for you if:

  • You’re looking for inspiration and support from other female managers and entrepreneurs who are also focusing on their personal development

  • You want to make more conscious decisions in your life and leadership role(s), in order to be happier and get better results

  • You want to ensure that you can reflect on a regular basis to better manage your work/life balance and personal growth

  • You’ve completed the Leading from the Inside Out program and want to maintain and reinforce what you’ve learned

women in negotiation 1
Women in negotiation

Guaranteed time for reflection

Four times a year (once per quarter), you’ll get together with your peer circle to share and reflect under the professional guidance of an experienced coach. During each of these four-hour sessions, you will be carefully listened to, as well as learn to listen to yourself! You’ll also learn and apply the essential mindset and communication skills necessary to support the growth of yourself and others - leading to meaningful connections and creative insights to help you take the next steps in your life and career.

We need a minimum of four participants and the right mix of backgrounds to start a new group. So there’s no specific start date for the next session. Each group starts when the group is complete, and dates are determined based on the availability of the participants.

Fee: €1100 (ex VAT) for four four-hour sessions

Eveline van Westerop


“Wdb helpt me een stap verder. WDB geeft me verdieping en en de ruimte voor reflectie met gelijkgestemde vrouwen in alle openheid. Ik neem steviger mijn plek in."

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